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The Bizarre Science With Ping Wins Series will set out this Sunday, February 18, 2019, (02/18/2018. It is written in the tradition and spirit of Mysteries of the Unkown, published by Time-Life Books from 1987 to 1991.

Bizarre Science 1: Terraforming, Ancient Sumerians, and the Future of Humanity, and Bizarre Science 2: Ancient Mesopotamians, Nazca Geometry, and the Future of the Universe will both be available. Bizarre Science 3 will appear March 4th, 2018.

With these books, may wisdom and imagination grow together.


Giant Oklahoma Windfarm Coming

Originally posted on Green Energy Post: ? If we’re going to effectively deal with climate change while maintaining economic prosperity, then it’s absolutely essential to rapidly transition fossil fuel based energy to non-carbon emitting energy. And some of the best options for doing so presently involve leveraging economies of scale with three widely available technologies…

via Oklahoma to Build World’s Second Largest Wind Farm — The Most Revolutionary Act

Well done, humans of Oklahoma! Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Plains through the world’s second largest windfarm. Nice.

Crop Circle 2017

Hundreds visit Circle in Wiltshire for meteor shower and wheat camping. Crop will be harvested soon.


Mysterious Happenings Aug 9, 2017: Pyramid Chamber Discovered, Supernova Spotted, Robot Rape?, Tiny Giraffe

Here’s some of the most interesting things happening on Earth these days…


  1. The last major reports on this happened in 2014, when a robot found something in the Great Pyramid. Now, four years later, an announcement has been made: There is another room in the Great Pyramid. Explorations and additional excavations inside the pyramid were halted 4 years ago when possible anomalies were discovered. The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities took over the examinations, and now 4 years later, come forth with a revelation that they have discovered a new secret chamber. What’s in there?
  2. A new exploding star or Supernova has been spotted. This one is special, it is what is known as a Hypernova or Superluminous Supernova, and is 3 times as bright as the brightest spot in the Milky Way. This discovery is interesting because the star expoded about 10 billion years ago, and is among the oldest Supernovas ever discovered, and can help to shed light on the workings of the early Universe. You should read the article, it’s good.
  3. Sex Robots are real, and some of the designs and uses of these devices is crossing ethical lines. Some designers are creating sexbots that resist sexual advances, spurring concern over the encouragement of rape fantasies. Other builders are creating childlike androids intended for pedophiles. This is disgusting. Regulation of the sexbot industry looms, as well as the application of certain ‘Robot Rights, that would ultimately be enforced by humans on the robots behalf.
  4. A cute little baby giraffe has just been born at the Cincinnati Zoo. Giraffes communicate using infra-sound during the night, undetectable to the ears of humans and many other mammals. The content and purpose of these diaphanous communications is unknown. In giraffe communities, the females are in charge.BabyGiraffe.jpeg




NASA Voyager 1 Spacecraft Accepting Your Message Submissions Now

voyager 1.jpg

Want your words to be carried into deep space by the Voyager 1 spacecraft? Now is your chance.

The Voyager 1 Spacecraft was the first Earth craft of current recorded history to leave this Solar System. Voyager launched 40 years ago. To help celebrate the exploration vessel’s four decades off Earth, NASA has opened up submission so the People Of Earth to include their own words on the ship’s payload of information about Earthlings, should Voyager ever be examined by extraterrestrials somewhere out there.

It’s easy to submit your words via social media outlets Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. Simply write a short, uplifting post, followed by the hashtab #MessageToVoyager and post it to your public timeline. Do this by August 15, 2017, and your words will be considered by NASA to be included on the ‘short list’ of submitted messages that will then be voted on by the general public.

If your message is selected, it will be beamed out to Voyager, and stored onboard the craft. Any aliens looking into Voyager’s brains will find your message.

Now, it must be said that we must choose our words carefully, because there is officially no telling who will ultimately be on the receiving end of this message. Since we are sending this message out into deep space, make sure that your message is relevant to the task.

Here’s mine: This is one small message from a man, one giant voice from mankind.

Submit yours and learn more HERE:

Alien Hub Unexpectedly Shuts Down was one of the most interesting and informative sites in the web featuring over a million posts from thousands of members about aliens and ufos. The site has unexpectedly shutdown 2 days after the death of noted author Jim Marrs.

Shortly after shutdown, the site featured a quote from Macbeth Act V Scene V. This quote was later removed.


Help NASA Restore Mission Control

The legendary Mission Control room of NASA’s Apollo Moon landing missions needs your help.

Mission Control

The site is in a somewhat dilapidated condition, with frayed carpet, flickering fluorescents that need to be replaced, and missing computer components presumable pilfered by the occasional visitor.

A Kickstarter campaign has been started to raise money for a restoration effort that will see the storied control room brought back to its original glory, (probably with LED upgrades) and has shot pst it’s $250,000 fundraising goal to reach an impressive $388,000 with two more weeks remaining in the campaign.

One city donated over 3 million dollars directly to NASA. It was Webster, Texas, where many NASA workers reside, including several Apollo mission associates.

2019 will mark the 50th Anniversary of the first Apollo Moon Landing. Let’s tip our hats (and open our checkbooks, if able) to the people who first helped pave the way for mankind’s coming exodus into space.


Ping’s Share: Microbes On The Moon

Read the @NASA response. Jim Green thinks that there may be “tiny microbes” on the Moon. Just sayin’— NASA Watch (@NASAWatch) August 4, 2017

via Microbes On The Moon? Really? — NASA Watch

Mysterious Happenings Aug 4, 2017: Organic Asteroids, PsyOps Bomb Test, Hot Exoplanets, Cute Baby Lemurs

Here’s some of the most interesting things happening on Planet Earth…

NASA Asteroids.jpg

  1. The OSIRIS REx satellite will be visiting Bennu, an asteroid consisting of carbon and other elements. Anything containing carbon is considered ‘organic’, so it is interesting to visit these places, since all life as we know it is organic. This particular asteroid is shedding light on the early development of the Solar System. It is accompanied by a family of asteroids that are different shapes and sizes than previously studied ones. This new asteroid family is also organic, and the chunks of space rock are shaped like V’s. Most asteroids are more globular. These findings support an interesting theory called the Gravitational Collapse Theory, which states that the Solar System started formin 4.5 billion years ago, much more recently than previously hypothesized.
  2. Propaganda and other information is now deliverable by bombs. The U.S. Air Force has completed tests of its new leaflet delivery system: B-52’s dropping paper-filled bombs. Nearly a million leaflets can be delivered by a single B-52 Stratofortress carrying 16 leaflet bombs, which fall from the plane, and release the leaflets after falling a safe distance from the craft. This method can be used to deliver instructions, propaganda, or any other kind of information that would be useful in a military situation.
  3. A planet called WASP 121b has a stratosphere, which is awesome because it is the first exoplanet discovered to exhibit this important feature. The planet is called a hot Jupiter, because it is similar in some ways to our own Solar System neighbor — just twice it’s size. Astronomers are excited about finding a planet besides Earth with a stratosphere, because that is just one more way that Earth is not entirely unique in this Universe, a step towards the scientific confirmation of life on extraterrestrial worlds.
  4. LemursAfter 30 years of trying, the Cincinnati Zoo has finally had babies — Baby Lemurs, that is. 3 new tiny creatures were born over a three day period between last Friday and Sunday. It is not known whether or not the new family plans to visit Lemuria.

Mysterious Happenings Aug 3, 2017: Angkor Statue Found, Wow! Signal @ 40, NASA Protects Earth, Asteroid Approaching

Here’s some of the most interesting things happening on Earth these days.

Angkor Statue.jpg1. A large statue of a guard has been discovered buried in the Angkor Wat area in Cambodia. This 6 foot tall. 400-pound statue is at least 800 years old, and was discovered near the remnants of an ancient hospital. This region of Southeast Asia was renowned in ancient times for its over 100 hospitals, built by the reigning emperor of the time.

2. The famous WOW! signal is turning 40. It was four decades ago that the Big Ear telescope at Ohio State University detected the most suspicious signal of all time. To celebrate this anniversary, SETI Germany is holding a commemoration event, and is apparently having a race of some kind. Unfortunately, I do not speak German. ;/

3. NASA wants you! The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration is ready to hire Earth’s guardian. The official title of the post is Planetary Protection Officer, and it could be you. Apply for the position HERE. Your job will be to protect Earth from Extraterrestrials, and protect Extraterrestrials… from us.

4.  This October 12th, an asteroid will become a NEO, or Near Earth Object, as it passes by at a safe distance (4,200 Miles) from Earth. This asteroid is estimated to be between 33 and 100 feet at its largest diameter. Astronomers will use the opportunity to test out an international asteroid detection and tracking system. Residents of the asteroid could not be reached for comments.

Electromagnetic Motherships, or… A Pole Shift Theory

The Earth is a gigantic magnet. Planet sized.

The Earth’s poles have shifted repeatedly throughout it’s history.

How did this happen?

Gigantic electromagnetic Motherships might have done it. Imagine two large electromagnetic crafts, each positioned at one of the Earth’s North and South poles.

Now imagine that one of these giant ships is emiting a powerful positive magnetic field over the South pole, and the other is emiting an equally powerful negaitve magnetic field over the North pole. This would effectively ‘grab’ the Earth in a magnetic grip, suspended between these two magnetic ships.

Now, the ships can rotate the Earth in place like a ball, realign the geographic North pole, deactivate it’s magnetic field, reposition itself over the new geographic North and South poles — releasing an enormous pulse of magnetic energy, reset the new magnetic North pole wherever you want.

The resulting cataclysm will devastate all human life, underground survivors will be the last remnants in the future age. The next edition of humanity will be tasked with exterminating the remaining survivors of the previous age, and disposing of their remains.

If the new edition of Humanity can survive beyond the next cataclysm (intentional pole shifting event), then they will be allowed to pass go and collect 200 worm holes.

Unless we survive what’s coming.


Mysterious Happenings July 28, 2017: ‘Starshot’ Underway, Elongated Infant Skeleton, NASA Eclipse Chase, Dio Returns! – As a Hologram!

Here are some of the most interesting things happening on planet Earth these days.


Breakthrough Starshot Nanocraft and Laser Propulsion

  1. Project Breakthrough Starshot is now underway. The first nanocraft — the smallest spacecraft yet launched into space — have achieved low Earth orbit. These small craft, called ‘Sprites’ are test versions of the planned ‘StarChip’ deep space nanoprobes. The Sprites will be used to test the laser drive lightsail technology that will eventually push the later StarChip crafts towards Alpha Centauri at 1/5th the speed of light. When the project is in full throttle, it should take the StarChip nanoprobes about 20 years to reach the Sun’s nearest stellar neighbor. Transmissions returning from the StarChips will take about 4 years to arrive at Earth, once they have reached their destination and start collecting data that may prove critical to the continued survival of the human race.
  2. This 1.5 year old infant skeleton with an elongated skull was
  3. just unearthed in Crimea:

    Infant With Elongated Skull in Crimea

    3. NASA is sending jets to chase the upcoming Solar Eclipse on August 21st. The jets will be fitted with high tech telescopes and cameras, and will take hundreds of HD and thermal photos during the eclipse. The mission will also study Mercury and other objects.

  4. Ronnie James Dio is coming back to rock the world.
    dio returns.jpg

    Ronnie James Dio Returns!

    His widow and former manager have plotted a world tour titled Dio Returns featuring a hologram of the departed singer. The hologram will perform previously recorded live versions of famous Dio recordings. 80 concerts have been planned. This is the first world tour by a hologram performer.

Exopolitians Needed! Earth Needs Your Brain.

Earth Flag.jpg

Flag Of Earth

We are going to need some serious help with exopolitics.

Not all world leaders are prepared or fit to represent Earth in meetings with beings foreign to Earth. Can you imagine? You travel across the cosmos, folding space, warping time, and you end up on a little planet that has somehow figured out how to create antimatter, harnessed nuclear power, traveled into space and put a few people on a moon, and one of the people in charge of this civilization seems to be incapable of basic honesty?

It would be a little confusing. A World Council on Exopolitics is a good idea. People who are extremely savvy with existing international relations, who are honest, and who will (hopefully) not embarrass us all. I’m not saying that I would be a great choice, but I am saying that some of the people in charge of this planet might not be the best choice.

Some folks say that when they are contacted by ET’s that they receive telepathic messages of goodwill and concern over the fate of the human race. This is great! That means that the human brand of compassion and altruism is al least understood, and if it is understood, then it can be reciprocated.

What kinds of qualities would behoove exopoliticians to cultivate in themselves? Patience, perception and persistence. Expressing information and ideas accurately to the most foreign of foreigners would take all three, and so would the accurate perception of any ET’s expression of communication.

Take crop circles for example, what do they mean? They seem to communicate through a language of math and energy. Sure, there are some circles that have been proven and demonstrated as hoaxes, but there is more to the story than that. Some crop circles are genuine, and they are communications in a language that might not be meant for us to read. They might even be ‘advertisements’ or ‘calling cards’ or ‘signatures’ telling other ET’s exactly who is currently visiting Earth, or what resources are available here.

These are not your everyday considerations. It is easy to understand that there are a lot of very specific inquiries one should make when considering contact with an ET. The situation comes down to this: If the world at large is not going to connect with aliens, there’s not much to worry about. However, if the world at large is going to connect with aliens, to the point that the general population understands and accepts the situation, it is highly recommended that a group of human representatives be assembled, to gracefully engender peaceful transition between this age and the next.


Mysterious Happenings 26 July, 2017: Virtual Humans, AI Nation, Gettysberg Paranormal and Spinner Crop Circle

Here’s some of the most interesting things happening on Earth today.


  1. Gettysberg Paranormal Gathering is set for Sat, Aug 12, 2017 at David Stewart Farm. Now in it’s 8th year, the Gettysberg Paranormal Gathering brings together fans, investigators, and other professionals of the paranormal world to discuss, share, and interpret paranormal experiences. This year, reps from the Ghost Channel will be presenting, along with author/historians Dennis Holocker and Mark Nesbitt. Bonus! Friday night, before the main event, there will be a Ghost Investigation with TV’s Ghost Detective, Bob Christopher. 
  2. Spinner Crop Circle spotted in Scotland. A giant, 66-Meter crop circle was spotted and examined by Avebury experts. The design has been likened to the new popular children’s toy, Fidget Spinners. While there is no explanation for the circle, other than it appeared overnight between last Thursday and Friday, it is assumed by some that the circle is a hoax; others speculate that it may have a different origin and meaning.
  3. World Leaders are beginning to consider a controversial AI Nation, where Artificial Intelligence of the future can live out their ‘lives’ without interfering with — or being interfered with — by humans. There is no potential location picked out for this Land of Robots, but it is thought that Space might be a great nesting zone for AI, since they do not require the warm comforts of Earth in order to survive. Given an adequate power source, like constant sunlight, they might be very ‘happy’ out amongst the stars.
  4. Virtual Reality is moving forward with the concept of Virtual Humans — digital avatars in virtual space that represent us, and with which we can interact with each other for business and pleasure. Like Facebook? Think Facebook on golden steroids. This is the ultimate social networking tool and toy. As a Virtual Human, you will be able to design a fully-featured replica, (or idealized version) or yourself, and be able to interact with others in virtual space who have done the same.

Wild Theory: Moon Delivered Water to Early Earth

How was the Moon formed? What relationship does Earth’s satellite have to the development of early life? What if the Moon delivered water to the world millions of years ago?

It has been theorized that the Moon might be ‘hollow’ based on scans by NASA, and ancient Hindu scriptures speak of a time ‘before the Moon’. Could the Moon have been intentionally used as a delivery vehicle for water and possibly other ingredients and catalysts for the creation and development of life on Earth? If so, could the Moon, once its contents were emptied out on the Earth, then be used as a makeshift ‘base’ for whoever delivered the water, to observe the outcome of their efforts?

Here’s my theiry: Extraterrestrials aided in terraforming Earth by delivering water and other life-critical chemicals and compounds to Earth, then built a base inside the emptied out Moon to observe and continue nurturing life.

Then, milluins of years later, in 1969 humans visit and are told nicely to stay down where they belong on Earth.

Any thoughts?

Anything’s possible.



Mysterious Happenings July 22, 2017: Space Tectonics, Mars Day, George Takei Hologram, Rare Aamjiwnaang First Nation Artifacts


Here’s a rundown of some of the most interesting things going down on planet Earth! (…and Mars!)


  1. Researchers at Arizona State University are exploring the possibility that plate tectonics – the gradual movement and recycling of Earth’s outer crust — may be a required phenomenon for extended (as in millions of years) duration of life on a given planet. This inquisition is based on the fact that Earth is the only planet in the Solar System to have both plate tectonics and Life. Many of the more than 400 known exoplanets do not appear to have plate tectonics, and according to this theory, may not be capable of naturally supporting plant, animal habitats, or any kind of permanent civilization.
  2. On Mars Day, the Curiosity Rover is poised to descend into a crater known as Endeavor, however, the Rover must wait, because right now the Sun is in fact between Mars and the Earth. That’s right, one month before a major Solar Eclipse on Earth, a different kind of Eclipse is happening on Mars. Incidentally, the Solar Eclipse on Earth is also exactly one month before this year’s Autumnal Equinox. When the Martian Eclipse is over, NASA will send new commands to the Rover, and it will descend into the 14-mile wide Endeavor Crater, which appears to have deep trenches lined with boulders leading down into it.
  3. Star Trek veteran and beloved human George Takei is now a holographic action figure.  😀

4. Artifacts of the Aamjiwnaang First Nation are being displayed at the Maawn Doosh Gumig Youth and Community Centre in Ontario, Canada for the first time in many years. The Aamjiwnaang First Nation do not as of yet have their own cultural heritage center or museum, so this display is very important to their people, and members are encouraged to view the arteficts while they are still accessible.

Celestite is a Healing Stone with Peculiar Properties

Celestite has remarkable relaxing and uplifting abilities. It can help to relieve feelings of sadness, heaviness, or desperation. This stone can bring about a calm, joyous state, where the subtle realms and finer levels of reality seem to be more easily accessible. Energy: otherworldly, dreamy, spiritual Uses: Celestite is very useful in mental tasks and […]

via THE DIVINE LISTENER STONE: CELESTITE — ravenhawks’ magazine

Earliest Human Habitation of Australia Finally Dated Conclusively to 65,000 Years Ago

The oldest axe in the world has been found in Australia, and it is 65,000 years old. This pushes back the previously considered window of earliest Australian human population by thousands of years.

It is hypothesized, from current aboriginal DNA samples, that early humans migrated out of Africa, then across Asia, and down into Australia. There is some evidence dating this migration at only 53,000 years ago, or later. This is remarkable, because the stone axe which was recently found by a team lead by Chris Clarkson of the University of Queensland predates that estimate by more than 10,000 years.

This begs the question: Whose axe was it?

A hitherto unknown population seems to have inhabited a very localized area called Madjedbebe, where the axe was discovered among more than 10,000 other artefacts. Such large quantities of unearthed specimens strongly suggests a large population. The dating of the axe is unquestionable; it was dated by geochronologist Zenobia Jacobs using Optically Stimulated Luminescence testing, a practically infallible method of testing when light last struck the surface of an object, before being buried. Zenobia is world renowned in her field of dating ancient objects.

A mystery remains: Why did these humans inhabit such a small location for thousands of years before branching out, exploring, and inhabiting other areas of Australia? It is hypothesized that perhaps this particular culture did not survive, and that it was later humans who later populated the rest of the Earth’s most attractive continent.


Mysterious Happenings July 20, 2017: MUFON Investigation, Alien Life, Robot Rights and Signals From Space


Diving right in!

  1. The Board Camp Crystal Mine has recently been visited by Josh Gates and at least one representative of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) during a filming of an upcoming episode of  television show Expedition Unknown: Hunt for Extraterrestrials. The film crew are investigating things like this:

The crew of Expedition Unknown have asked that no further information be revealed at this time. You can watch the upcoming episode on the Travel Channel this October. A report from MUFON detailing their observations from Board Camp Crystal Mine will be in the November 2017 edition of the MUFON Journal.

2. U.S. Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabache has brooched the question of an ancient civilization on the planet Mars during a special Q&A with NASA. Watch the entire meeting:

3. 2. The drowning of a robotic security guard has prompted a sudden discussion on Artificial Intelligence and Robot Rights.

4.  Signals from Red Dwarf Star ROSS 128 have exited astronomers and scientists at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) because the signals occur on what is being called an ‘almost periodic’ basis, meaning they could be intentionally sent by an extraterrestrial civilization.

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