Wild Theory: Moon Delivered Water to Early Earth

How was the Moon formed? What relationship does Earth’s satellite have to the development of early life? What if the Moon delivered water to the world millions of years ago?

It has been theorized that the Moon might be ‘hollow’ based on scans by NASA, and ancient Hindu scriptures speak of a time ‘before the Moon’. Could the Moon have been intentionally used as a delivery vehicle for water and possibly other ingredients and catalysts for the creation and development of life on Earth? If so, could the Moon, once its contents were emptied out on the Earth, then be used as a makeshift ‘base’ for whoever delivered the water, to observe the outcome of their efforts?

Here’s my theiry: Extraterrestrials aided in terraforming Earth by delivering water and other life-critical chemicals and compounds to Earth, then built a base inside the emptied out Moon to observe and continue nurturing life.

Then, milluins of years later, in 1969 humans visit and are told nicely to stay down where they belong on Earth.

Any thoughts?

Anything’s possible.




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