Mysterious Happenings 26 July, 2017: Virtual Humans, AI Nation, Gettysberg Paranormal and Spinner Crop Circle

Here’s some of the most interesting things happening on Earth today.


  1. Gettysberg Paranormal Gathering is set for Sat, Aug 12, 2017 at David Stewart Farm. Now in it’s 8th year, the Gettysberg Paranormal Gathering brings together fans, investigators, and other professionals of the paranormal world to discuss, share, and interpret paranormal experiences. This year, reps from the Ghost Channel will be presenting, along with author/historians Dennis Holocker and Mark Nesbitt. Bonus! Friday night, before the main event, there will be a Ghost Investigation with TV’s Ghost Detective, Bob Christopher. 
  2. Spinner Crop Circle spotted in Scotland. A giant, 66-Meter crop circle was spotted and examined by Avebury experts. The design has been likened to the new popular children’s toy, Fidget Spinners. While there is no explanation for the circle, other than it appeared overnight between last Thursday and Friday, it is assumed by some that the circle is a hoax; others speculate that it may have a different origin and meaning.
  3. World Leaders are beginning to consider a controversial AI Nation, where Artificial Intelligence of the future can live out their ‘lives’ without interfering with — or being interfered with — by humans. There is no potential location picked out for this Land of Robots, but it is thought that Space might be a great nesting zone for AI, since they do not require the warm comforts of Earth in order to survive. Given an adequate power source, like constant sunlight, they might be very ‘happy’ out amongst the stars.
  4. Virtual Reality is moving forward with the concept of Virtual Humans — digital avatars in virtual space that represent us, and with which we can interact with each other for business and pleasure. Like Facebook? Think Facebook on golden steroids. This is the ultimate social networking tool and toy. As a Virtual Human, you will be able to design a fully-featured replica, (or idealized version) or yourself, and be able to interact with others in virtual space who have done the same.

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