Exopolitians Needed! Earth Needs Your Brain.

Earth Flag.jpg

Flag Of Earth

We are going to need some serious help with exopolitics.

Not all world leaders are prepared or fit to represent Earth in meetings with beings foreign to Earth. Can you imagine? You travel across the cosmos, folding space, warping time, and you end up on a little planet that has somehow figured out how to create antimatter, harnessed nuclear power, traveled into space and put a few people on a moon, and one of the people in charge of this civilization seems to be incapable of basic honesty?

It would be a little confusing. A World Council on Exopolitics is a good idea. People who are extremely savvy with existing international relations, who are honest, and who will (hopefully) not embarrass us all. I’m not saying that I would be a great choice, but I am saying that some of the people in charge of this planet might not be the best choice.

Some folks say that when they are contacted by ET’s that they receive telepathic messages of goodwill and concern over the fate of the human race. This is great! That means that the human brand of compassion and altruism is al least understood, and if it is understood, then it can be reciprocated.

What kinds of qualities would behoove exopoliticians to cultivate in themselves? Patience, perception and persistence. Expressing information and ideas accurately to the most foreign of foreigners would take all three, and so would the accurate perception of any ET’s expression of communication.

Take crop circles for example, what do they mean? They seem to communicate through a language of math and energy. Sure, there are some circles that have been proven and demonstrated as hoaxes, but there is more to the story than that. Some crop circles are genuine, and they are communications in a language that might not be meant for us to read. They might even be ‘advertisements’ or ‘calling cards’ or ‘signatures’ telling other ET’s exactly who is currently visiting Earth, or what resources are available here.

These are not your everyday considerations. It is easy to understand that there are a lot of very specific inquiries one should make when considering contact with an ET. The situation comes down to this: If the world at large is not going to connect with aliens, there’s not much to worry about. However, if the world at large is going to connect with aliens, to the point that the general population understands and accepts the situation, it is highly recommended that a group of human representatives be assembled, to gracefully engender peaceful transition between this age and the next.



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