Electromagnetic Motherships, or… A Pole Shift Theory

The Earth is a gigantic magnet. Planet sized.

The Earth’s poles have shifted repeatedly throughout it’s history.

How did this happen?

Gigantic electromagnetic Motherships might have done it. Imagine two large electromagnetic crafts, each positioned at one of the Earth’s North and South poles.

Now imagine that one of these giant ships is emiting a powerful positive magnetic field over the South pole, and the other is emiting an equally powerful negaitve magnetic field over the North pole. This would effectively ‘grab’ the Earth in a magnetic grip, suspended between these two magnetic ships.

Now, the ships can rotate the Earth in place like a ball, realign the geographic North pole, deactivate it’s magnetic field, reposition itself over the new geographic North and South poles — releasing an enormous pulse of magnetic energy, reset the new magnetic North pole wherever you want.

The resulting cataclysm will devastate all human life, underground survivors will be the last remnants in the future age. The next edition of humanity will be tasked with exterminating the remaining survivors of the previous age, and disposing of their remains.

If the new edition of Humanity can survive beyond the next cataclysm (intentional pole shifting event), then they will be allowed to pass go and collect 200 worm holes.

Unless we survive what’s coming.



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