Mysterious Happenings July 28, 2017: ‘Starshot’ Underway, Elongated Infant Skeleton, NASA Eclipse Chase, Dio Returns! – As a Hologram!

Here are some of the most interesting things happening on planet Earth these days.


Breakthrough Starshot Nanocraft and Laser Propulsion

  1. Project Breakthrough Starshot is now underway. The first nanocraft — the smallest spacecraft yet launched into space — have achieved low Earth orbit. These small craft, called ‘Sprites’ are test versions of the planned ‘StarChip’ deep space nanoprobes. The Sprites will be used to test the laser drive lightsail technology that will eventually push the later StarChip crafts towards Alpha Centauri at 1/5th the speed of light. When the project is in full throttle, it should take the StarChip nanoprobes about 20 years to reach the Sun’s nearest stellar neighbor. Transmissions returning from the StarChips will take about 4 years to arrive at Earth, once they have reached their destination and start collecting data that may prove critical to the continued survival of the human race.
  2. This 1.5 year old infant skeleton with an elongated skull was
  3. just unearthed in Crimea:

    Infant With Elongated Skull in Crimea

    3. NASA is sending jets to chase the upcoming Solar Eclipse on August 21st. The jets will be fitted with high tech telescopes and cameras, and will take hundreds of HD and thermal photos during the eclipse. The mission will also study Mercury and other objects.

  4. Ronnie James Dio is coming back to rock the world.
    dio returns.jpg

    Ronnie James Dio Returns!

    His widow and former manager have plotted a world tour titled Dio Returns featuring a hologram of the departed singer. The hologram will perform previously recorded live versions of famous Dio recordings. 80 concerts have been planned. This is the first world tour by a hologram performer.


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