Mysterious Happenings Aug 3, 2017: Angkor Statue Found, Wow! Signal @ 40, NASA Protects Earth, Asteroid Approaching

Here’s some of the most interesting things happening on Earth these days.

Angkor Statue.jpg1. A large statue of a guard has been discovered buried in the Angkor Wat area in Cambodia. This 6 foot tall. 400-pound statue is at least 800 years old, and was discovered near the remnants of an ancient hospital. This region of Southeast Asia was renowned in ancient times for its over 100 hospitals, built by the reigning emperor of the time.

2. The famous WOW! signal is turning 40. It was four decades ago that the Big Ear telescope at Ohio State University detected the most suspicious signal of all time. To celebrate this anniversary, SETI Germany is holding a commemoration event, and is apparently having a race of some kind. Unfortunately, I do not speak German. ;/

3. NASA wants you! The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration is ready to hire Earth’s guardian. The official title of the post is Planetary Protection Officer, and it could be you. Apply for the position HERE. Your job will be to protect Earth from Extraterrestrials, and protect Extraterrestrials… from us.

4.  This October 12th, an asteroid will become a NEO, or Near Earth Object, as it passes by at a safe distance (4,200 Miles) from Earth. This asteroid is estimated to be between 33 and 100 feet at its largest diameter. Astronomers will use the opportunity to test out an international asteroid detection and tracking system. Residents of the asteroid could not be reached for comments.


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