NASA Voyager 1 Spacecraft Accepting Your Message Submissions Now

voyager 1.jpg

Want your words to be carried into deep space by the Voyager 1 spacecraft? Now is your chance.

The Voyager 1 Spacecraft was the first Earth craft of current recorded history to leave this Solar System. Voyager launched 40 years ago. To help celebrate the exploration vessel’s four decades off Earth, NASA has opened up submission so the People Of Earth to include their own words on the ship’s payload of information about Earthlings, should Voyager ever be examined by extraterrestrials somewhere out there.

It’s easy to submit your words via social media outlets Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. Simply write a short, uplifting post, followed by the hashtab #MessageToVoyager and post it to your public timeline. Do this by August 15, 2017, and your words will be considered by NASA to be included on the ‘short list’ of submitted messages that will then be voted on by the general public.

If your message is selected, it will be beamed out to Voyager, and stored onboard the craft. Any aliens looking into Voyager’s brains will find your message.

Now, it must be said that we must choose our words carefully, because there is officially no telling who will ultimately be on the receiving end of this message. Since we are sending this message out into deep space, make sure that your message is relevant to the task.

Here’s mine: This is one small message from a man, one giant voice from mankind.

Submit yours and learn more HERE:


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