Mysterious Happenings Aug 9, 2017: Pyramid Chamber Discovered, Supernova Spotted, Robot Rape?, Tiny Giraffe

Here’s some of the most interesting things happening on Earth these days…


  1. The last major reports on this happened in 2014, when a robot found something in the Great Pyramid. Now, four years later, an announcement has been made: There is another room in the Great Pyramid. Explorations and additional excavations inside the pyramid were halted 4 years ago when possible anomalies were discovered. The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities took over the examinations, and now 4 years later, come forth with a revelation that they have discovered a new secret chamber. What’s in there?
  2. A new exploding star or Supernova has been spotted. This one is special, it is what is known as a Hypernova or Superluminous Supernova, and is 3 times as bright as the brightest spot in the Milky Way. This discovery is interesting because the star expoded about 10 billion years ago, and is among the oldest Supernovas ever discovered, and can help to shed light on the workings of the early Universe. You should read the article, it’s good.
  3. Sex Robots are real, and some of the designs and uses of these devices is crossing ethical lines. Some designers are creating sexbots that resist sexual advances, spurring concern over the encouragement of rape fantasies. Other builders are creating childlike androids intended for pedophiles. This is disgusting. Regulation of the sexbot industry looms, as well as the application of certain ‘Robot Rights, that would ultimately be enforced by humans on the robots behalf.
  4. A cute little baby giraffe has just been born at the Cincinnati Zoo. Giraffes communicate using infra-sound during the night, undetectable to the ears of humans and many other mammals. The content and purpose of these diaphanous communications is unknown. In giraffe communities, the females are in charge.BabyGiraffe.jpeg





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